Blister Pack Information

Due to fluctuations in the availability of glass vials, we are going to be transitioning to blister packs for the dispensing of our pellets. A couple of benefits of the blister packs are a reduction in potential pellet breakage during shipping and the presence of a sterility color-change indicator strip on the label. When the pellet has undergone E-beam irradiation, the indicator strip turns from orange to red certifying proper sterilization.

To open the blister pack, bend an unsealed corner back and forth on a shorter edge of the blister pack to loosen the label from the amber plastic portion of the blister pack. Be sure to get all parts of the label between your fingers and/or thumbs, then SLOWLY PEEL down the long side of the blister pack until the entire label is removed and the pellet can be taken out of the blister pack for use. Slow peeling prevents partial label tear and pellet ejection from the blister pack. Please refer to the resources tab of our website at for an instructional video of how to properly open our blister packs.