Patient FAQ



Q. Why does my medication have a Hazardous Drug sticker on it?
A.  Attention! Your medication is now required to be labeled as a hazardous drug. There have been no changes made to your medication, this is just a new labeling requirement for all hazardous medications, including hormones. Please continue to keep your medication safe from children and pets.  To dispose of your empty container, please mix with an undesirable substance, such as coffee grounds or cat litter, and place into a plastic bag for disposal in your trash can.  Make sure to remove any personal information on your label.  Take back programs also offer disposal opportunities.  For more disposal tips please visit these websites:

Q. What is compounding?
A. Compounding is the art of meeting the individual medication needs of patients and physicians by mixing drugs into special dosage forms or strengths that are not commercially available.

Q. Why compounding?FAQquestion
A. Compounding may be necessary for a variety of reasons. For example, a manufacturer may make a medication in 5mg and 10mg. But what if you need 8mg? That’s where compounding comes in. We can make your medication into the strength that you need but is not available commercially. Another reason someone may need a compound is if they are allergic to lactose, a common filler, or dyes or preservatives. We can compound your medication to be lactose, dye, and preservative-free. Also, sometimes it’s difficult for people to swallow a tablet or capsule. We can compound that tablet into a liquid or maybe even a cream that will be easier to use. Sometimes medications are discontinued or go into short supply. Compounders can help to fill the void when this occurs. Compounding is also great for when pets need to take medications. It’s much easier to rub a cream on a cat’s ear than try to get them to swallow a tablet!

Q. What types of prescriptions can be compounded?
A. Most prescriptions can be compounded. We compound a variety of medications for dermatology, pain management, hormone replacement, veterinary needs, men’s health, dentistry, pediatrics and more.

Q. Are compounded medications covered by insurance?
A. Sometimes. Each plan is different. We can provide assistance in filling out insurance forms to help you obtain reimbursement.

Q. How much is my compound going to cost?
A. Each compounded medication is priced based on the cost of the ingredients, the quantity, and the complexity of the formula we use to compound it. Feel free to call at any time to obtain a free price quote on your compound.

Q. How do I order a refill?
A. You can call us with your prescription number or click the refill button on the website. Make sure we have your current phone number and billing information each time you call.

Q. How much experience does Solutions Pharmacy have in compounding?
A. We have over 50 years of compounding experience and have been a “compounding-only” pharmacy for almost 10 years. We are also members of PCCA (Pharmacy Compounding Centers of America), the largest compounding resource in America.

Q. What does bioidentical mean?
A. Bioidentical hormones are the exact same hormones that your body naturally produces. They are naturally sourced from soy or yam and are identical to human estrogens, progesterone and testosterone. Solutions pharmacy compounds all hormones sourced from yam due to the prevalence of soy allergies.

Q. Where can Solutions Pharmacy ship?
A. Please review the states where we are licensed and can ship to. View Here

Q. How long will it take to get my prescriptions?
A. We use UPS and USPS as our shipping carriers. Priority mail is typically 3-5 business days and UPS varies. We offer UPS overnight, 2nd Day Air shipping, and UPS 3-day shipping as well. View U.S. Ground Maps