Angie Fielden, LDN Specialist

Angie Has been the marketing director for Solutions Pharmacy since 1999. She became an LDN Specialist in 2021. She will continue to attend as many conferences as she can each year to gain access to the latest research on LDN and how it is improving lives. She has completed the LDN Master course with LDN Research Trust, which is based in England. After passing the exam, she joined the elite team of LDN Specialists worldwide through LDN Research Trust.

 It is Angie’s passion to share the knowledge and experience she has gained with providers in the 19 states Solutions Pharmacy is licensed in and to help as many patients as possible who suffer from auto-immune or inflammatory diseases.

 LDN Research Trust requires all their LDN Specialists to complete the LDN Master course and pass the 100-question exam each year.

Angie’s personal testimony from using LDN.

My quality of Life is Back, and I’m Pain-Free.

During the height of COVID-19, specifically in August 2020, my husband, my sister, and I started taking LDN. Mainly for extra protection against the devastation Covid might cause anyone. You see, I attended several LDN conferences during 2020. I became more aware of LDN’s abilities to help with the effects caused by COVID-19 after I listened to a pharmacist by the name of Sebastian Denison. His lecture was so good; it was on Post-COVID-19 Treatment Options LDN. At that point, I knew this could possibly save my sister, husband, or my life should we contract Covid-19. There was a bit of fear within our family as we had already lost 2 members of our family and almost a third family member to Covid-19. One that passed away was fully vaccinated and boosted, and two were not, and the two that passed away were very healthy otherwise. This is why we decided to begin LDN.

I didn’t realize the benefits that would come soon after beginning LDN therapy. I heard in other LDN lectures that LDN binds to the Toll-like receptor 4. Therefore, one could say it acts as an immunomodulator as well as lowering the inflammation in the body. For those reasons, all three of us, my husband, my sister, and I started on LDN. Shortly after, we all reported having less joint pain. My sister and I suffer from arthritis in our hands and other places throughout our bodies. While my husband has some neuropathy and joint pain, mainly in his knees.

Within about 2 weeks, I noticed I was sleeping much better. My thumbs and hip pain used to be so excruciating at night I would flip-flop about every 30 minutes. It seemed as if I would never get a good night’s sleep, and I remembered being so tired all the time as well as foggy thinking. I would get up and walk around or go to the restroom several times a night to get a little relief. Now, I sleep mostly through the night, and 5 out of 7 nights, I only get out of bed once my alarm goes off. I also could not do many things I love, like riding my motorcycle or working out with weights, which I used to enjoy but had to stop because of hand or hip pain. Now, just like being able to sleep at night again, my husband and I can ride our motorcycles for hours at a time. In addition, I work out 3 days a week with weights. My grip is better, and I am not in pain anymore.

My sister believes in her heart that LDN saved her life. She got Covid-19 around the same time we lost one of our family members. With her having several comorbidities, she and I felt she was at high risk for mortality if she contracted Covid-19. Our worst nightmare happened just 4 ½ months after beginning LDN, and she contracted Covid-19. Before you panic, she is still very much alive and doing great. Not only did she make it through Covid-19, but she also was never hospitalized or placed on any medications while having Covid-19. Within 6 to 7 days, she was almost back to normal, despite being a little tired. She also contributes to the reduction of arthritis pain by taking LDN daily.

I believe in LDN, so much so I took the master course with to become an LDN specialist. This is a great benefit for the compounding pharmacy I work for. Solutions Pharmacy in Tennessee has been compounding medications. It has helped me to speak with providers and patients about LDN’s benefits with many disease states. Being a patient first and seeing my results gave me the passion and drive to help others achieve what I have found. As a result, my quality of life is back, and I am pain-free.