Angie Fielden, LDN Specialist

Angie Has been the marketing director for Solutions Pharmacy for over 23+ years. She attended 2 LDN conferences in 2021, took the master course, and passed the LDN master course exam, thus becoming the 5th LDN specialist in the world through LDN Research Trust.

It is Angie’s passion to spread the knowledge she has gained with providers all over the nation to benefit as many patients as possible who suffer from inflammatory diseases.

Angie’s personal testimony from using LDN.

I started on LDN capsules in August 2021. I had been experiencing chronic pain from my arthritis in my thumbs, hands, and hip. I wasn’t sleeping well because of the pain in my hip; tossing and turning were a regular event each night. I would get up and go to the restroom to have a little relief from lying on my hip. With very little quality sleep, I was feeling foggy thinking and very fatigued. Fast forward to 1 week after beginning my LDN therapy, and I was sleeping well and in NO PAIN…For me, it happened that fast. For some patients, I realize it takes longer to feel the benefits or relief from pain. I will shout from the rooftops if LDN therapy can help others as it did me. I thought I was facing a hip replacement, but now I know it was just a lot of inflammation in my case. I was taught that it might take up to 3 to 7 months to see maximum benefits.