Josh Talley

Josh Talley, co-owner of Solutions Pharmacy, is the son of Don and Jeri Talley (Evans). His father owned and operated a pharmacy in a rural area in southern Illinois. Josh’s family has owned a compounding pharmacy for his entire life, thus Josh was born into this field. Josh relocated to Chattanooga, TN with his family in 1992 which Josh states, “was equivalent to seeing the ocean for the first time.” “Moving from a town of 1200 to a school of 1500 was when I first learned how to adapt to change and started playing around with and discovering new ideas.”

Don Talley, DPh, CCN (1954-2007) had been recruited by one of the pioneers of many modern compounding methods, bases, and formularies, Charlie Armstrong, the original founder of Lakeside Pharmacy. Don went on to add to his already abundant pharmaceutical knowledge by becoming the owner of Lakeside Pharmacy in 1996. This was the beginning of Josh’s apprenticeship. “I truly felt and still feel that I was working under one of the most innovative, knowledgeable, passionate, and nationally respected compounding pharmacists of that era.” Josh says, “I feel very blessed and fortunate for the time spent shadowing my father and learning from other compounding specialists who trained, shared, and continue to generously share their compounding knowledge.”

Josh has been a co-owner of Solutions Pharmacy (formerly Lakeside Pharmacy) for the last decade. He and Tom Beard, PharmD joined Jeri Talley in 2004 as partners and owners of Solutions Pharmacy. In late 2005 Josh was approached and interviewed by the “Health Forum”, which aired nationally on Oxygen Channel and Public Access TV, about his belief of the crucial need we have for compounding in our society and his general compounding knowledge. Josh spoke about his interview, “I expressed my opinion that I believe individuals should have the right to use all information known by medical professionals to HELP THEM CHOOSE methods of prevention, treatment, and proper health maintenance using approved substances in their pursuit of optimum health.” He also believes, “it is important to protect, practice, and preserve this open-minded approach for present and future generations.”

Around 1950 massive profits were seen when drugs began to be manufactured in few strengths and dosing vehicles. The drugs were then sold to “retail” pharmacies that would then dispense to the masses. Although some people fit the mold for the new “one size fits all” mentality, many found that the few strengths and vehicles left them without adequate healthcare. Josh compares this type of thinking with his love of music, songwriting, and playing his guitar. “Just like compounding, music is not a one size fits all. Country, r&b, rock, reggae, bluegrass, techno, classical, rap, gospel, pop, metal, and soulful blues are not for everyone all the time. When used correctly I believe they are a beautiful part of life which is limitless in options and another way to help maintain a healthy balance for body, soul, and overall wellness.”

Josh shares that he “looks forward to years of helping as many people as possible through customized patient care, contributing to the art of compounding, and continuing the traditions set forth by all the compounding pioneers before me.” “I am so thankful for all of the blessings I have been given and will strive to protect the freedom needed to find the best SOLUTION for every individual possible.”