Where did the years go? Now that you’re a senior citizen and actually have time to stop and smell the roses, are you healthy enough to do so? Can you enjoy walks by the lake or walk with your grandchildren in your neighborhood? Are you still working in your garden? Does it take you 30 minutes or more to really get going in the morning because of joint pain? Is your skin getting dryer and more wrinkles than normal? Has your libido gears switched from high to low?  How many inches have you shrunk? Do you have arthritis? These all sound like normal aging questions. Most people think this is the way you are supposed to feel in your golden years. Even your doctors probably tell you so. Are you going to settle for that answer? Your quality of life can definitely be improved by the use of bio-identical hormones.

The levels of all hormone ranges are pretty large.The levels are very important to know but you must also take an assessment by a health care provider that specializes in Hormone replacement. We can get your hormone levels back to what is correct for your body and age. Many patients will ask, “How long do I have to be on hormone replacement?” My answer is how long do you plan on eating food? You eat when your body tells you you’re hungry. Think of it like this. Water is to plant as hormones are to people. With out water a plant dries up and eventually dies. A plant will dry up much faster without water than we will with out hormones. Our receptor cites for hormones are all over our body. All major organs need hormones to fully function. You may ask about the risk factors of long-term hormone use. What about the studies that have come out telling of increase risk of cancer, dementia and heart attacks.  These are very good questions. My answer would be, make sure you replace only what hormone chemical structure your body produces. This would be Bio-Identical Hormones. It is widely used for men and women across the nation. There are 3 main delivery systems. Transdermal cream to rub on the inner arms or inner thighs. Sublingual goes under the tongue. Both of these are done once or twice a day. The third choice I think is the better one for seniors. It is called HRT pellet therapy. You have a few small BB like pellets placed under the skin in the upper hip area and it will slowly dissolve over 4 to 6 months. Making it easier than the other two. So 2 to 3 times a year will take care of you. It is also the best bone builder. It can build up to 8.3% of bone density a year.

The next step is yours! Set up your appointment and feel better in a few weeks.